CAREERS IN ROCK: Anderson Mar" href="http://positivelybleak.com/?p=1172" rel="bookmark">CAREERS IN ROCK: Anderson Mar

Anderson is a self-​described child prodigy gone hor­ribly wrong, as well as a local musi­cian, band man­ager, pro­moter, booker, musician’s rights defender, talent and cat lady. (Seriously, she has the cutest cats.) In addi­tion to pet­ting cats and rocking out, she also runs Dark Sky Productions and estab­lished the New England Punk, Goth & Metal Fest. She was kind enough to give me a writeup of how she got started and her best tips and tricks for get­ting started in the industry from both sides of the story. ♠ Continue reading…

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HATERS GONNA HATE: Groupies" href="http://positivelybleak.com/?p=1145" rel="bookmark">HATERS GONNA HATE: Groupies

Go ahead and roll your eyes; if you’re not in a band, then you prob­ably don’t like groupies. They’re up there on the stage in their tiny skirts while you’re down with the groundlings in the mosh pit. They get back­stage, sup­pos­edly purely on the merits of their appear­ances, and get to sip away at free booze until the head­lining act decides that they want to break off a piece of that. You might grumble about it under your breath when some huge guy knocks into you and dumps your $8 cup of Budweiser down the front of your shirt. ♠ Continue reading…


The Very Best of YouTube Headbanging

It’s been a hell of a week for me, between my soul-​crushing day job and busily plan­ning for my birthday (I’m turning 25 on the 18th!!!), so I wanted to do a quick, JWZ-​style video run­down of one of my most favorite ways of burning off frus­tra­tion: head­banging. ♠ Continue reading…

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