PositivelyBleak Interviews: Mongrel

Mongrel: Momma was a head­banger and poppa was a punk rocker! Inspiration from Misfits, Bad Religion, Black Flag, 80s thrash, and classic metal are all evi­dent, but woven together in their own unique way. Despite walking the line between two genres best-​known for their snob­bery, they’ve gath­ered up a fan-​base from all walks of life; goths, punks, rockers, metal fiends, and good ol’ reg­ular townie types. Mongrel’s lineup con­sists of Adam Savage on guitar, Drew Barker on vocals, Ed Loguercio on drums, and Rev the bassist. ♠ Continue reading…

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HATERS GONNA HATE: Dear Marilyn Manson, Thanks For Everything" href="http://positivelybleak.com/?p=557" rel="bookmark">HATERS GONNA HATE: Dear Marilyn Manson, Thanks For Everything

I’ve been men­tally rolling around an idea for a series of posts, called Haters Gonna Hate, where I explore the things that met­al­heads love to loathe and pro­vide a coun­ter­point. (Putting the “pos­i­tive” in PositivelyBleak, I guess…or just a game of Devil’s advo­cate?) Open up your head and see if you can chal­lenge pop­ular opinion with me. ♠ Continue reading…


The Beast Speaks: That’s My Bloody T-​Shirt

Editress’s note: my beau and con­fi­dant, who goes by S. McManbeast, is a fellow freak of nature and rabid horror fanatic. He wanted in on the blog­ging action, so you’ll see occa­sional guest posts from him under the header “The Beast Speaks.” Have at! ♠ Continue reading…