Near San Francisco? Get thee to Ümloud!

A good friend of mine, Seg, is helping make a charity event happen – in San Francisco, at the fabled (among nerds and goths) DNA Lounge: ♠ Continue reading…

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The Positively Bleak Guide to Metal Hair

Metal ladies and gen­tlemen alike cherish their long hair – have you ever tried to talk someone into cut­ting it off? Good fucking luck. ♠ Continue reading…

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GWAR Off" href="http://positivelybleak.com/?p=72" rel="bookmark">Getting the GWAR Off

You saw GWAR. Awesome. Seems like they’re always on tour these days – not that anyone rea­son­able is com­plaining. Now you’re home and you just want to get your weary, likely drunk, self into bed without leaving a layer of scum all over your sheets. ♠ Continue reading…

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