The Devil Is In The Details

or: Stage Shows and Costumes, a Little Effort Goes a Long Way

This is Ralph’s. It’s not a new venue, but it’s far enough from my home that I’ve only recently started vis­iting. ♠ Continue reading…

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Saturday Slam and the Boston Scene’s Best Sartorial Decisions

It takes a lot to get me out to Worcester. That’s why this was my first show at Club Oasis, con­ve­niently located between a Baptist church and some­thing called a Dance Ranch. ♠ Continue reading…

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Throwing The Goat At Record Speed!

Well, you did it: we raised $50 to donate a goat through Oxfam Unwrapped. Talk about speedy! Click to see the Oxfam e-​card: ♠ Continue reading…

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2: Hosed Down By Lady Gaga’s Plumbing Fixture Tits" href="http://positivelybleak.com/?p=1897" rel="bookmark">Three Shows, Three Ways 2: Hosed Down By Lady Gaga’s Plumbing Fixture Tits

There’s this huge horror movie and metal con­ven­tion every October called Rock & Shock; it goes down out­side of Boston and it’s become a pre-​Halloween ritual for S. and I for three years run­ning now. ♠ Continue reading…


Buzz Cuts

It’s been a little crazy over at the Bleak Haus, so this week you’re get­ting a pile of tid­bits instead of a full article! ♠ Continue reading…