What’s Behind That Curtain?

Why, it’s Rob Halford, on a sweet cruiser, singing Hellbent For Leather in a holo­graphic glitter trench! ♠ Continue reading…

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Today is my birthday! So you’re pretty much oblig­ated to for­give me for dis­ap­pearing these past few weeks. ♠ Continue reading…

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Got Plans This Saturday? Break Them.

Will I see you there? Come on up and say hello, Sean and I will be in the pit! Can’t make it? Watch this space for photos and a full review after this weekend! ♠ Continue reading…

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Buzz Cuts

It’s been a little crazy over at the Bleak Haus, so this week you’re get­ting a pile of tid­bits instead of a full article! ♠ Continue reading…


NEMHF & Hair Care by Corpsegrinder" href="http://positivelybleak.com/?p=1411" rel="bookmark">A Most Abbreviated NEMHF & Hair Care by Corpsegrinder

Massachusetts was just graced with the New England Metal & Hardcore Fest, which man­ages to become more and more hardcore-​centric every year. This year it made up for a lineup stocked to the gills with fash­ion­core acts by booking locals Black Pyramid and Doomriders on Friday (I’m pissed that I missed them; they were added to the bill so late in the game!) and an Amon Amarth/​Cannibal Corpse header on Saturday, so of course I bought tickets. ♠ Continue reading…

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